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Specialists in the over 50 market




Specialists in the over 50 market 

Welcome to Fifty Plus Media, an independent media planning and buying agency that truly specialises in the over 50 market. Having worked in this field for over 20 years, Fifty Plus Media was set up in 2014 to provide clients with expert knowledge and assistance when targeting this lucrative of areas. With 43% of the adult population aged 50+ and growing, this is not a niche market as some may suggest. As such, switched on clients such as yourselves targeting this group deserve to be serviced by an agency specialising in this area and no other. Hence Fifty Plus Media! 



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85% of the UK’s wealth is held with the over 50’s

- You Gov



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media planning

By fully understanding this market and understanding the client’s needs, we plan successfully in a cost effective way. We simply know where to place advertising and what rates to pay following a set formula that has proven successful  for all of our 50+ clients targeting the same audience.


media buying

When buying media , we benefit from having vast experience in the 50+ arena and having long term relationships with media owners cemented over the years. We simply know the rates that we should be paying keeping both clients and media owners happy leading to favourable positions, discounted late space and on occasions, free space.


creative solutions / print

We understand and know how to design and create copy that will resonate with the 50+ customer specifically. We know that simplicity is key and advertising messages need to be concise and clear.  When creating copy, we also use proven 50+ methods not known by non- specialist agencies.



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